Demonstrations and classes provided by PNBA members introduce the beauty of power of Japanese martial and cultural arts to audiences throughout the Northwest.

Seattle Children's Hospital

Eastside Nihon Aki Matsuri

Seattle Parks and Recreation

The Nock Point Archery Center

Shoreline Arts Festival

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Fostering Appreciation

Past Activities


The PNBA provides cooperative programming, grants and scholarships, fiscal agency, fundraising assistance, program development counseling, low cost group insurance programs, free or reduced cost educational programs, and supporting memberships in related cultural and arts organizations.

Pacific Northwest Budo Association

A federal 501c3 non-profit charitable organization

PNBA members work with schools, arts, and cultural organizations to provide educational outreach programming that has touched the lives of thousands of students since 2003.

Japan America Society / Japan in the Schools

Seattle Public Schools

Edmonds Public Schools

Bright Water School

Bertschi School

St. Thomas School